MPSuperShape 2.8

Quickly combine and intersect shapes in Microsoft MapPoint!
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Quickly combine and intersect shapes in Microsoft MapPoint!
Import, export, and copy shapes between maps!

If you are already using Microsoft® MapPoint®, you know how useful shapes can be. Unfortunately the only way to modify these shapes are by adding or removing points. It is impossible to combine shapes, easily find overlaps between shapes, or otherwise modify them. MPSuperShape is an add-in for Microsoft MapPoint which solves these problems.

MPSuperShape is a shape manipulation tool that greatly enhances MapPoint's shape capabilities. Possible applications include:
- Combining drive-time areas to find the total area covered by existing depots.
- Finding territory overlaps.
- Finding areas which meet multiple characteristics.
- Defining territory shapes around customer pushpins.
- Managing and editing maps with complex multiple shape definitions.
- Transfering shapes to/from other GIS systems.

MPSuperShape provides the following benefits:
- Combine multiple shapes
- Find the intersection (overlap) between shapes
- Create boundary shapes around groups of selected pushpins and/or shapes
- Simplify shapes for efficient MapPoint processing
- Delete multiple shapes at once
- Modify the colors, line thickness, and/or Z order of multiple shapes at once
- Import/export shapes to/from external files and applications

MPSuperShape also includes import and export options for a range of different formats and applications. These include ESRI Shape ('SHP'), MapInfo ('MIF'), KML, GML, and web pages (Google Maps & Bing Maps). Where appropriate, these operations also include support for a range of map projections and coordinate systems.

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